Foreign participants living outside a radius of 250 km (155 Miles) from the bowling alley, are primarily playing their entry/re-entry in the last weekend before the finals on Sunday 8th of May 2022.

The above rule applies up to 1 week before the start of the tournament. For available open spaces, after this date, everyone can enroll.

After registration shifts to another series are no longer possible. If a registration is cancelled a new registration can not be re-registered.

The series of the first weekend are generally reserved for participants from the Netherlands and Belgium.
Requested squads (both entry and re-entry) will be awarded as far as possible, if a required squad is full it cannot be booked.

Lane assignment is determined by the organisation.

For more information about available places and registrations for specific squads, contact monica@juniordutchopen.com.

(The information on this page is subject to change, but will be updated frequently.)

SquadTimePlaces available
Saturday, April 30th
Squad 108:30 – 11:3020 places
Lane dressing
Squad 212:00 – 15:00FULL
Lane dressing
Squad 315:30 – 18:301 place
Sunday, May 1st
Squad 408:30 – 11:306 places
Lane dressing
Squad 512:00 – 15:00FULL
Lane dressing
Squad 615:30 – 18:302 places
Thursday, May 5th
Squad 714:30 – 17:3020 places
Lane dressing
Squad 818:00 – 21:0020 places
Friday, May 6th
Squad 98:30 – 11:3020 places
Lane dressing
Squad 1012:00 – 15:001 place
Lane dressing
Squad 1115:30 – 18:301 place
Saturday, May 7th
Squad 128:30 – 11:301 place
Lane dressing
Squad 1312:00 – 15:00FULL
Lane dressing
Squad 1415:30 – 18:30FULL
Desperado18:40 – 19:10only to book during last squad
Sunday, May 8th
Finals8:30 – 19:00