During the Junior Dutch Open all COVID-19 restrictions will apply that are active during the duration of the tournament.

Dutch participants & visitors

All necessary information can be found on the website of the Rijksoverheid:

Participants & visitors from outside of the Netherlands

Tourists and foreign travellers from countries where the health risks are similar to or lower than in the Netherlands can enter the Netherlands. There are however some restrictions and regulations for travelling to and from the Netherlands.

One of the restrictions is that you must show a negative COVID-19 test result if you are travelling to the Netherlands. This requirement applies to everyone aged 12 or over. There are some exceptions. For example: people travelling within the EU who can show proof of vaccination or proof of recovery (a Digital COVID Certificate) do not have to show a negative COVID-19 test result.

More information on the restrictions and regulations can be found on the website of the government of the Netherlands. Please read this carefully if you will be travelling to the Netherlands to participate in the tournament.

Please inform yourself about the active restrictions and regulations at the time of your visit.
If you have any questions, please contact us at